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Discussion in 'Beef' started by jcollins, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. I am tired of waiting on my UDS (because i have had to put that project on hold for the time being) to do a brisket. My 14.5 WSM obviously will not hold a FULL brisket, so what is the consensus on smoking a separated brisket? Should i buy a whole brisket and cut it my self? or buy just a flat? Also form what i read the point isnt much good for anything but burnt ends? Unless its not clear, i have never tried to smoke a brisket, always wanted too. Thanks in advance for the Info.
  2. jcollins,

    I have separated point and flat before smoking, just follow the fat layer with a sharp knife.

    Burnt ends done right can be a meal in itself.  Plenty of how to videos on you tube showing the

    separation of the two muscles.  This will hone your butchering skills and give you the first chance at a brisket.

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    Can't help you on the separating of the two, but as for the points being only good for burnt ends, I wholeheartedly disagree. The point is much more moist and tender than the flat, and makes delicious pastrami. In fact, given the choice I always choose points over flats. The flat is easier to dry out and to me, has a grainier texture even when (supposedly) cooked properly. I say supposedly because my experience is based solely on my own cooking, as well as 2 restaurants. I'm not positive that any of the offerings was cooked properly. I've yet to have meat from the point, however, that wasn't moist and tasty.
  4. Thanks 
    I have only ate brisket a couple of times so im mainly going off what i read.......
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    Brisket is much more forgiving (to cook) if you can leave it whole, the fat in the point helps keep it all more moist. But with a 14.5" WSM that isn't an option.... so separate them as instructed above. If you cook them both I would put the point on the upper rack so it can drip down on the flat to help keep it moist. Once they are cooked I usually use the flat for slicing and the point for any of the following: burnt ends, shredded beef (tacos, enchiladas, etc.), chopped beef sandwiches, or cut it chunky and use it in chili!

    Really you can do anything you want with either piece, but those are just some suggestions.
  6. I kind of figured it was best to keep it together... Oh well....thanks for the input on what the point can be used for, they all sound like awesome ideas....i may have to find a way to get my UDS going... but if i find a good deal on a brisket then i may not be able to pass it up.

    Again thanks for the info.
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    You don't need to wait for your UDS, I smoked a full packer on a mini WSM (a poor man's version of a 14.5 WSM) last week and it worked fine.  The issue with the small smokers has to do with length of the meat, and I don't think removing the point ahead of time will make it any shorter since the point sits on top of part of the flat.  I just took the packer and cut it in half, put a piece on each grate and it worked fine.  Personally I like the flat better than the point, however cooking a brisket flat that is sold by itself has been difficult for me as it has almost no fat on it, gets too dry, so I vote for getting a whole brisket.
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