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Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by jirod, Aug 10, 2013.

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    i have an old I would guess 60's era fridge that was converted into a keg fridge years ago. It is the old style fridge with the vertical handle/latch on the door (I still haven't figured out how to post pics from my iPhone yet).

    My question is I'm wanting to possibly turn it into an electric smoker. Plan on getting an AMNPS to use, but what/where do I get a heating element and controls. I've read some other posts on here but dont know enough to read between the lines of what you guys say. Ideally could I take an old stove, and take oven heating element, thermometer, and controls from it? I have a buddy who is getting ready to get new appliances and has a decent stove he will give me if that will work (sure he's expecting some ribs and burnt ends for it).

    Is it possible to rip apart that stove and use it's parts as the guts of a fridge smoker? Never even messed much with the internals of appliances, but I'm good at tearing things apart :biggrin:

    Thanks in advance for any help. This site has already been a lifesaver (and money saver on cheap mods instead of having to buy a high dollar unit).
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  2. Yes use the controls and heat element from a electric stove.

    Happy smoken.

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    David, thanks. I probably won't be starting anything for a few weeks, but I can stash the stove in the garage in mean time.

    Would it be useful to look into a newer replacement thermometer? Would that help keep temps more consistent? Or just run with what's there and use my Maverick to watch how consistent temps are?

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