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Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by leebo60, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. I am pretty new to the smoking game, and I am going to attempt to do a pork loin. Should I cut the loin in half (it is about 9 lbs.), and also should I marinate the meat, and for how long? Any tips or recipes for rubs, or sauces will be great. Thanks, Lee
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    I do mine whole. I rub them the night before and wrap and in the fridge. I have also injected them with some of the rub mixed with apple juice. You'll find all sorts of ideas on here.
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    I have applied rub the night before, then into the smoker. Spritz every hour with apple juice and captain morgans spiced rum.
    Hope this helps.
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    I'm with the rest of what's been said - rub and let sit overnight to absorb the spices into the meat, then smoke it the next day with a spritz. Probably want to cook to an internal temp of 150-160 'cause those things tend to dry out.

    Doesn't hurt to wrap the sucker in bacon, too! [​IMG]
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    here is a link for alot of marinades and injections, Its fun to filet them out and stuff them and tie it shut real tight, or inject it with wahtever you can get through a needle. Just have fun with it, If you think it will be good then ram it in there, I prefer apple wood. Another thing you can do is to turn that sucker yellow with mustard and cover that with rub, let it sit overnight and hit it with the rub again, the taste of the mustard will be totally gone when it is done, it just makes for good bark.

    have fun and eat good
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  8. Thanks to all, for your advice. Also, how long should I expect for the loin to smoke, at an approx. temp of 225-250, both, for the loin kept whole, and if I halve it? If I put the mustard and rub on it the night before, should I rinse that off and reapply a fresh rub mix on it right before it goes in the smoker, or not?
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    Time should be around 4-6 hours for the smoke ... don't rush it however, low-n-slow is what will pay off.

    If ya coat the meat the night before with mustard and rub, do not rinse the meat off in the morning before putting it on the smoker. A majority of the spices will have "melted" into the meat which is the advantage of letting a rub sit overnight on a piece of meat [​IMG].

    Good luck!
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    Usually the guide is 1 1/2 hour per pound I think, but to be sure go to the guide. I don't think halving is that good since you will have 4 ends instead of 2 that may be on the drier side. I would for me take off no higher than 140" and foil, it should be nice and moist. You can always add more heat after slicing if you need to.

    No I wouldn't rinse your rub off.

    This is just MHO.

    Hope it helps.


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