Question on Pork loin for Canadian Bacon

Discussion in 'Pork' started by vikings8480, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. vikings8480

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    Hi All,

    I'm relatively new to smoking and am going to attempt my first Canadian Bacon.  I bought a pork loin from Sam's Club yesterday and trimmed the fat started brining last night.  I am using Cabela's Maple Cure and Brine Mix.

    My question is, the pork loin had a "sell by" date of 2/14/15.  I started curing/brining it in the Cabela's Mix last night (2/8/15).  I was planning on letting it sit in the cure/brine for 12 days, until the 20th and smoke it on Saturday the 21st.  Do you guys/gals think this is a good idea or should I pull it out and smoke it by the "sell by" date? 

    I'm assuming the cure/brine will keep the loin from going bad but I don't want to make my family sick over some eggs benedict with bad Canadian Bacon.  Any input would be great!  Also, has anyone had experience with the Cabela's Cure and Brine mixes? I wanted to make my own cure/brine but couldn't find any #1 cure.
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    I have just started curing pork so I don't have many answers for you. If the cure mix had #1 cure in it, than the cure should kill off any bacteria making it safe past the sell by date.

    As for buying #1 cure, I order it online (makes it quick and simple).
  3. bear55

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    I just completed a batch of Canadian bacon for the first time.  I dry cured mine using Tender Quik by Morton's.  I suggest you ask Bearcarver, a member here.  He was very helpful to me on my first bacon adventure.

  4. chef jimmyj

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    If that Cure mix contains Sodium Nitrite, it is a preservative, additionally the Salt in the brine will effect the health of many types of bacteria. You will be fine with that Pork...JJ
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  5. As said above it is going to be fine. And a best if sold by date is not a it is bad the next day.

    Happy smoken.

  6. vikings8480

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    Thanks a lot you guys!  The cure and brine mix does contain Sodium Nitrite.  I was pretty sure it would be okay if I was curing the meat but I'm not too confident in my knowledge of meats and curing yet!

    I appreciate the input! This forum is the best, i've always found great information and advice here!

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