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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sacedbysapp, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. sacedbysapp

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    Video on YouTube where ben lang says to go by his temp gauge on cooker not temp at cooking surface because radiant heat hotter at racks, I thought different, playing with 36 patio and I couldnt get even temps from left to right ,I had 4 probes on cooking racks fire box side 40 deg hotter that side heat comes up also front on each side could be 10 to 20 deg hotter than rear. I had small hot fire. I just don't get it.
  2. sacedbysapp

    sacedbysapp Meat Mopper

  3. pineywoods

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    How level is it sitting I don't have the patio but have a trailer mounted and notice differences according to level left to right and front to back.
  4. sacedbysapp

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    Its level check different spots even raised front floor jack different heights nothing different.
  5. ritchierich

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    I have a lang 84. And at best I can get is about 25deg from front to back with the gages. Sometimes a little less but never even. I have tried different wood and leveling it every which way. Yes leveling does make a difference. I was going to make a charcoal basket to slide under the plate all the way up front near the drain. Then decided not to because it might mess the airflow up. But found I like having a cooler area for when I am doing different meats and sides. I keep mine at 275-300 in back and the front is always 250 ish. with 3 of the 4 dampers closed on the fire box and just using the one open to adjust the temp. I use a maverick as well to keep track and my gages on the lang are really close to the maverick. I was thinking the smaller langs would be closer to even temps than the longer 84 myself
  6. cats49er

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    Yep I agree with ritchierich about 20/25 degrees difference between fire box end and other end. There si also a difference between top and bottom shelf an end to end on same.

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