Question on labelling vacuum bags

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  1. I posted this question in another thread, but it seemed OT there, so I thought I'd ask in a new one where more people might see it...

    So guys (and gals) I got my Vistaprint pre inked stamp this week, and they look great!
    Problem is...the ink is horrible.  Here's a pic after stamping my bag

    And here is a pic after waiting 18hours (giving it a fair chance to dry) and running my finger across the ink.

    Getting it wet completely removed all of the ink.

    I agree that Sharpie's work great, but would like to put my logo on my bags from Lisa...anybody know of good stamp suppliers or ink source?
  2. here is a pic of some of my labels. when i don't use a sharpie.

    happy smoken.

  3. You'll have to find a permanent ink that'll work on nylon.
    Try a Google search.

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    Who informed us of that rule???

    Not in the TOS...

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    Good idea....
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    Just use a clear label to laminate the print or clear packing tape
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