Question on Fast Eddy by Danson

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by mrad, Jun 11, 2015.

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    As I was looking at Louisianna grills today, the dealer had a Fast Eddie grill made by Danson. I know th enew fast eddies are made by cook shack. Does anyone know anything about the danson line? By the size of it, I woudl have guessed it to be the PG 1000 model but was not in stainless. The price he quoted me was $1000. It had the insulated grill and was built like a tank. I'm just curious as to why they quite having Danson make them and went to cook shack?  Does anyone know anything about these?
  2. Not sure but I think Danson made the prototypes. Not sure why the switched manufacturers. I will say my pg500 is the best unit I have ever had.

    Fast eddy hangs out on pellet heads so you may get him to tell you more
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    My understanding: they were initially made by Danson (Canada) because of the Traeger patent and resulting manufacturing restrictions. Once the patent expired production was moved to Cookshack.

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