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  1. Last night I discovered that my freezer door had been cracked for about 24 hours. Dethawed about 20 ribeyes and a couple T-bones. They were still fairly cold but completely unfrozen. I opened them up and stuck them in a leftover container in the fridge. Will I be able to refreeze those and be ok or should I just go ahead and have a little party and grill all of them, or should I just throw them away? I hate to waste them but it's not worth it if there is a chance I will get sick. What are all of your opinions? Thanks!
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    Cook them.
  3. kathrynn

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    Had that happen when we were with out power during the Tornados 2 years ago.  Cook will have some happy friends!  Put a tip jar out...and ask for donations for replacements.  [​IMG]

  4. X2 on that! nothing like an early steak night. haha.
  5. Will they be alright in the fridge until Sunday?
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    With steaks there is little to worry about, it ain't Chicken. Refreezeing will make the meat mushy... So Cook them and have a party. Or they can be sliced during the week for Fajitas, Philly Steak Sandwiches, add some gravy for Hot Beef sandwiches, add to Stir fry. The meat would make great Short Cook Chili, Stroganoff or Goulash. The possibilities are vast. You need a recipe just send a PM...JJ
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  7. yeh all that sounds awesome.
  8. Thanks a bunch guys! You all are great help!
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    Don't cook them.

    Dry age them. :)

  10. foamheart

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    I am not a safety inspector but I believe the rule on re-freezing is if the meat has lost it crystalline structure it can not be re frozen. That would be a good topic for an article. The different degrees of frozen, the consequences, and the abilities.

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