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Discussion in 'Curing' started by krullion, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I'm looking to convert a fridge to a curing chamber and I'm using this tutorial:

    Like in the tutorial, I'm using a fridge with the freezer area on the bottom. They show how they cut a hole through the unti to utilize the space on the bottom. I want to do this too... but can someone help me understand how the fridge makes the bottom colder than the top. When I make my hole through it, does everything just equalize or something? The tutorial makes no mention about this. My particular setup has an ice-maker in the bottom that I need to remove. I already have the temperature control also mentioned. Is this just a matter of me putting in the hole making sure not to destroy anything else... and plugging the fridge in to this temperature control and the fridge will begin to work as one unit? It's just not clear to me what makes the freezer part so cold. It seems there would be some additional colling power down here.

    Thanks for any info, Jason
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    I would imagine two seperate thermostats with independent coils for cooling. How about some pics of your fridge from the back.
  3. Working on getting that into my hands. I'll snap some pics and post back soon. Thanks!

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