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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by big tater, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. big tater

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    I have LEM S.S. casings that i soaked and didn't have enough meat to use, (they never touched meat) i took them out of the water and hung them up to dry. 

    Can they be re-used?? they are dry now and they don't seem as flexible as they did when i first took them out of the package. they seem almost brittle..
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    Collegen or natural?

    I know nothing of collegen, but with natural all you needed to do is re-salt, I usually have salty salty water in a sealable bag and keep my unused in it. I have found they take a bit more patience when later attempting to stuff them though. They seem to hang or not slide as easily on the horn.

    But a slow gently hand and a watchful eye and it makes sausage.

    Can't help you with collegen, I like natural.
  3. I second gut casings.
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    If they are the mahogany large summer sausage casings they are more likely called fiborous casings and yes you did right and yes you can re-use them just put in fridge in ziplock or something and re-soak when you are ready. 

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  6. donr

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    Slight hi-jack here.

    I used some 12" long LEM fiberous casings this weekend, and forgot about the soaking part.  Everyting seemed to turn out fine.  What's the soaking for?  Is it just to soften the casing so it bunches up better on the stuffing tube?  Or is there some other reason?  at 12" long mine bunched good enough.



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