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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by space, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. I got the Sams special on Saturday, the 40" model, and sprayed it down with Pam and seasoned it Saturday afternoon. I christened it with a brisket but it didnt turn out as expected. There was no smoke ring, and the brisket did not turn out as tender as I had hoped.

    I set the MES to 225, preheated and added hot water before I added the brisket. I had seared the brisket prior to smoking and wrapped in foil after it got to 160 (about 3 hours). Then after it got to 190 (another 2 hours) I let is rest for about 45 minutes before I cut it.

    Can anyone give me any suggestions on what I needed to do. Maybe I didnt add chips often enough. I did soak them prior to adding them.
  2. Hi space
    For the answer to the smoke ring, do a search for "smoke ring electric". You will find it can be done to a certain extent by using some broken charcoal with the wood chips.

    5 hours is a very short time for a brisket. the last five at a time that I did were in the smoker for 15+ hours.
    I do not wrap them up but do keep the water pan supplied with water.

    Good luck on the next time[​IMG]
  3. Thanks for help.

    How often should soaked water chips be added to the MES? Every hour?

    Maybe next time I will try it longer without wrapping.
  4. Some soak their chips but most don't.
    With chips I would add 3 to 5 chips at 30 minute intervals.

    I use chunks about the size of a marshmallow and add one every 30 minutes. Works well for me and they are not wet but dry. Mostly use apple and a percentage of hickory for my taste.

    Keep the top vent open and if you can see a little smoke or smell smoke that is just right.
  5. geob

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    I start my brisket at 7:00pm and remove it at 11:00am the next day. MES on 225. Only add dry chips as wet chips don't smoke. Only add wood until I wrap at 170 which happens around 5 to 6 hrs.
    Don't know what super MES you have but I can't smoke anything in 5 hrs.

  6. ronp

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    When you wrapped did you add some liquid for braising? Mine came out very tender and juicy, but I did hold it at 220 for 8 hours till the next morning.
  7. I dont know, I had it set at 225, and it got to 160 in about 3-4 hours (I did sear it, so it started at about 100 F in the smoker), and in 1.5 hours it was at 190.

    Obviously somthing didnt work, becuase it was not tender.

    Also Ididnt add anything when I foiled it other than a little more seasoning.
  8. are you using a thermometer w/probe/w/ wire that connects to an external unit? that was my problem at first. found the meat hangs around 150 for several hours, then slowly goes on up. 5 hours is way too quick. i also found in warm weather start up, i add a cup of chips dry and a chunk of charcoal and the meat and dont pre-heat, smokes while warming up, then add some dry chunks split down small enough to fit the loader and still turn to unload. also, 2nd brisket i did, marinaded overnight and rubbed, came out a lot better. after the inside of your unit gets nice and black from the previous smokes, flavor gets better. if you use chunks and the loader wont turn back easily after an hour, dont force, chunks arent burnt down small enough. hang in there, it will work. i read old posts for several hours to help me out, lots of good info on here.

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