Question: Hi Mountain original on ground beef.

Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by markperry, May 30, 2016.

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    Ok I have a question for anyone that uses Hi Mountain on ground beef jerky. Lately I have been making jerky using Nesco original spice. With each Nesco, it says 1 packet spice and 1 packet cure per pound of meat. For myself I went with 4 spice and 3 cure to 3 lbs meat. Then added some black pepper and chili power to the mix and that made the flavor I liked. It was easy to play with since each packet was for only 1 pound so modification was easy.

    Well I got a good buy on a pack of Hi Mountain and I've heard good things about them so I picked up a box to try. When I opened it I noticed that it only had a single pack of spice and single pack of cure. According to the directions it should be good for 15 lbs of sliced meat or 10 lbs of ground meat. However to my eye, there does not seem to be enough of the spice to sufficiently mix with 10 lbs of ground meat. Volume wise it looks questionable for 5 lbs of ground meat. So has anyone used this on ground beef before? Does it really have enough spice for 10 lbs?

    Now with the nesco, when start getting ready. I take the 4 spice, 3 cure packs and empty them into a measuring cup, add about 2 Tbsp each chili powder and black pepper, Then add just enough water to dissolve most of the spices. Put the meat in a bowl and pour the spice mix over and thoroughly mix by hand until the spice and meat are well mixed. let it set overnight in the fridge and then dehydrate the next morning.

    I'm thinking the same process should work well with the Hi Mountain but before I do I wanted to get opinions on the strength of the spice.

    Thanks for any help or opinions anyone can offer.
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    I've used Hi Mountain products off & on for years. Though I would generally just do whole muscle jerky, I would do ground beef jerky for some family members that asked me to make some for them. I thought it was just bout right with spices after it was done. Everyone tastes things a bit different though, if I were making it for myself I'd have added just a bit of cayenne to kick it up a little. But I really like things on the spicier side.

    My suggestion would be to try it as directed & see what ya think ! The package may look on the small side, but when ya mix it into the ground meat it will season it up just fine. They do have great jerky seasonings IMO !
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    When in doubt, try it on a 1lb batch first.  Spice quantity will always be an individual taste.

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