Question/help with mu new smoker.

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  1. Hello All,

    I just recently upgraded from an ECB that I have had for 15+ years to a Medina River Outdoors Big Daddy Double Smoker, horizontal/vertical combo type.  

      I have installed a baffle and convection plate and it works very well for the horizontal chamber.  Temps are near identical at both ends of the horizontal.  However, I cant seem to get the vertical chamber above about 150-175.  I know lots of folks just use the vertical portion for bacon, sausage and such, but I will sometimes need all the space for brisket, butts or ribs and need the whole smoker at 225-250.  Any tips would be much appreciated.

    Would I need to have a small fire in the vertical to help it reach 225-250???  Look forward to hearing from the pro's.
  2. Anybody??
  3. I'm just gonna go out on a limb (since I've never used a unit like that) and say, a handful of hot coals in the bottom of the vertical part of the smoker should work like a champ.  Maybe a little grill basket/wok thingy to put them in.  I'd start off with just a few and add more if needed.

    Pure speculation on my part, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work just fine. :)


    Something like this to hold your coals.  Maybe make a couple of legs for it.

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  4. Looks like a cool smoker. 
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    If you are handy with a torch you could take some 4" daimeter exhaust pipe and put a balance line that ran from the upper back of the firebox into the bottom back of the vertical stack. That would allow the vertical stack to draw heat direct from the firebox, but you would also want to put an adjustable damper into the balance line to controll heat and overall airflow.

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