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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bmpbbq, Aug 8, 2016.

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    Good evening everyone.  Recently purchased a Weber Smoky Mountain and have been using the Weber Smoky Mountain cookbook, have used it three times now and couldn't be happier.  Now I am going to try and smoke two different meats at once, any advice would be appreciated.

    I will be smoking a chuck roast for shredded beef sandwiches, which I have made before.  It cooks for about six hours, now I also want to smoke a beer can chicken, however it is done in about three hours.  So three hours into the smoke, I will be adding the beer can chicken for the remaining three hours.. my question is do I need to add more smoke wood at this time?  My thought is adding more smoke wood might ruin the chuck roast.  Or will there still be enough smoke in the smoker to get the flavor I am looking for?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Good plan bmpbbq.  Three hours into a smoke on a WSM there should be plenty of carbonizing wood left in your coals, depending how you load it.  I bury wood in the cold coals and put another layer on top next to the hot ones.  Keeps me smoking for the entire smoke.   

    At three hours you should still have a nice line of thin blue smoke at the exhaust.  If the smoke is running clear though, due to a light load, do the whiff test. Just whiff your hand through the exhaust flow toward your nose and inhale through your smeller.  If you smell smoke, its all good.  If not, add some wood chunks.   

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