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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by slewfoot, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. slewfoot

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    I got a char broil propane smoker, it is the big easy tru infrared vertical for Christmas and yesterday tried my first time on baby back ribs using a guide I read on smoking meat the complete how to.

    So first I believe this was a guide for smokers using charcoal or wood because I could not keep my temp. below 325 degrees and the ribs turned out a little on the over done side. So my question is, how do I control the heat ? do I just compensate for the higher heat by smoking a little less time?

    All help is appreciated, thank you in advance.

  2. red dog

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    I went and looked at the specs for that smoker and they say it should go down to 200 degrees. I would call their customer service and see whats going on.
  3. I like Babybacks cooked @ 350*F for about three hours. I mop/spritz after an hour and again after two hours. At two an a half I sauce.

    But I agree, a smoker should be able to go low n slow.
  4. slewfoot

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    I called customer service and they said ,open the lid to let heat out. practice until you get the right amount of heat.
  5. slewfoot

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    Success, today I smoked a 6 pound pork picnic roast. smoked it on the bottom rack where the heat is not as high, used apple wood chips in the smoker pan and 3.5 hours later a perfectly done roast.[​IMG]
  6. slewfoot

    slewfoot Newbie

    After reading on the forums I installed a needle valve and that cured my problem with to much heat.

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