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  1. So I was going to make chili the other day with some leftovers my wife brought home from work (steak). Went to the local mexican market to buy some peppers cheap and got about 20 or so serranos. There were some red waxy peppers that i didnt recognize but me being the adventurous type and loving to cook with new ingredients I picked about ten of them up. Diced the serranos and then started cutting these. looked almost like here was no meat to them but they had a nice heat. sweated them all with some garlic and onions then cooked the steak (now in bite sized cubes) in olive oil and chili powder. Tossed all this in a container and let it sit in the fridge the whole night. made my chili the next day and it was the best iv probably ever made. Had the right heat to add flavor and not just be hot. Now I need to figure out what those peppers were for later. My question is do other pepper heads just grab a random pepper on a whim and use it? Pics to come later.
  2. Hooligan, the Chiles you described might have been a Rio Grande , although you are in 'Bama.

    How ever the choice of Serranoas great , my favorite ,not as much heat as to keep you from tasting the Chile itself; having said that, you mentioned a Mexican store. When making a Chili , I enjoy the deeper flavors of Whole Dried Chiles, they should have some nice ones. And when I find them, fresh I use Serrano and Pablano  or  possibly New Mexican Green Chile.Anahiems are similar to the N.M. Chiles, just not as spicy

    Homemade Chili Powder , if you use it , is better for you than the Commercial Brands as they contain lots of Salt and preservatives.You can make small batches of homade by purchasing dried N.M. Chile and Ancho Chiles, both would be at the store ,then if you want a real kick grab some Piquenos (a small round Chile. Nice and warm).

    Put these on a sheet pan and bake at 300*f until you smell them good (the anchos will take a bit more-enough to dry them).Remove them and if wanted, de-seed them then Grind them in a Coffee Grinder add Cumin to your mix. Add to your Chili in 3 shots, 1/3 at the beginning (while the Onion and Garlic and Caramelizing),1/3 after liquid and whatever(I like Rotel Tomatoes) are added, then the last 1/3 about 20min. later and let simmer to reduce some. Warm some Corn Tortillas and enjoy.

     Sorry I got carried away, you just asked about Chiles,Oh well, enjoy.....

    Stan     aka     Oldschool
  3. Iv wanted to use home made chili powder for awhile just havent made any. Im going to be heading back to that mexican store tonight so Ill let you know what type it was. I use serranos in almost everything i want a little bite but not to hot. Love to fire roast them for my salsa along with the roma tomatoes and jalapanos.  I wish I could find some hatch NM chilis but i havent seen any around here. I havent really used poblanos except in making Chili Relleno but ill check into using them more in other dishes.
  4. These are a little late but here you go.


    Serranos, the red mystery pepper, onions, garlic that I sauteed in olive oil. Tossed in the cut up steak that was sauteed in olive oil, chili powder, red pepper flakes, and garlic powder.


    Let that mix and blend overnight in the fridge.


    Finished Chili. Was good and nicely spiced. left a warm spot in my stomach for a few hours. Best chili Iv ever made.
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    That looks pretty dang good.
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    Man, that's some awesome looking chili!

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