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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by mackbrad, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Hi I have a quick question I have alot of venison back straps aka the snake lol am I able to make jerky out of that?
  2. Yes you can make jerky out of the tenderloin, but why would you? That's a prime and delectable piece of meat.
  3. I just have a small chest freezer full of loins
  4. Yes it can be used for jerky and should be some excellent jerky made from the loins. Those are like gold when we get an elk or mule deer - butterfly into steaks, season and grill to med rare...heaven on a fork. 

    Don't forget the q view!
  5. Yea I love grilling them I actually just came to my senses lol I will save my loins
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    Good call on saving the backstraps for grilling.  We get every roast we can out of the hind quarters, trim them up well, and slice a little over 1/8" with the grain.  They make excellent jerky.  I have tried making jerky with beef when all our venison is gone, but it doesn't even compare to the venison.

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