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Discussion in 'Beef' started by jiggetty, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Hey, I'm a beginner at this whole smoking thing. I'm in the middle of smoking a brisket as I type this, problem is it's really F-ing cold outside and I can't get the temp. in my smoker up over 180-190 degrees. Is this gonna have any effect on the meat, or will it just take longer for it to smoke? I started it about 2 hours ago, and it seems to be doing alright. I am really taking care not to open the smoker until I need to mop it so as not to loose what heat I have. At this rate I plan on taking it out after about 6 hours and just finishing her up in the oven, but I'm concerned it won't turn out right because of my heat situation. Any sugestions?
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    Boy, if the temps are that low, I think you are going to have problems. First, though, what are you using to measure the pit temp? Is it the stock gage? If so, most likely it is off; possibly as much as 50 degrees. I hope this is the case. The problem is, your beef is going to dry out. Make sure you spritz and mop on a regular basis.

    Also, what kind of smoker are you using?
  3. I've got an electric smoker, (yeah I know, but I'm just getting started with this whole smoking thing)

    I'm trying to keep it as moist as I can, mopping it every 45 minutes to an hour. Like I said though, I'm new to all this so any advice would be appreciated.
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    What's the temp of the meat now?
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    If your having heat problems, you'd be better served leaving the lid on rather than mopping IMO. I've read posts from old time wood burners who cook at 190° and swear anything else is rushing the brisket. I think that is getting a little carried away on the low and slow, but it gives you an idea. You'll be in for a long cook though.
  6. It's hovering a little over 140. It's been smoking for just under 2 hours. (Will be two hours here in 10 minutes give or take)
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    Oh DO have a remote themo, right ? Or at least one under the lid?
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    Make some coffee and wrap the smoker in a blanket...natural fiber carpet chunk is what I use. Even a couple cotton towels. Got a wind break? keep the wind off it.
  9. Alright, that bieng said, I've read a little on smoking prior to embarking on this little endevor and alot of the stuff I read says after about 6 hours the smoke flavor is pretty much at it's peak, is it gonna kill it to put it in the oven so I'm not sitting here 12 hours from now waiting for this thing to be done. I'm not cooking it for a contest or anything, just want to get a desent chunk of meat out of it. What's you guys's take on that/
  10. I wouldn't have to worry about the whole thing going up? It's getting a little late for a bon fire. [​IMG]
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    At 200? naw
    Edit; remember Ray Bradbury's classic Farenheit 451? That's the temp paper burns
  12. Right on, I wrapped it with a flannel sheet my wife had in a storage bin in the garage and could almost watch the guage go up, sitting at just over 200 right now. I think that will help me out a lot. Many thanks bro.
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    It was a little late to start a brisket too, I guess ;{)
    Go git 'em!
  14. Haha, yeah, but I work nights and don't have to work tommorow. I made a brisket last weekend, first try ever and it was pretty amazing. I told some friends I would cook two up for a little get together we are having tomorrow night. Kind of stuck my foot in my mouth I think, but we'll see how it turns out. There's always McDonalds if the Brisket doesn't pan out.[​IMG]

    I think I've got the bug...
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    That is completely false. It is propagated quite a bit, but incorrect. As long as a hunk of meat is in the smoke it will be picking up flavor. The smoke ring stops forming at about 140° which is what has generally confused folks. That's not to say you can't finish it in the oven. I never do, but some cooks will. When I start a smoke, it's kind of a personal thing to finish it.

    Finishing it in the oven will definately not ruin your brisket any way shape or form and it will be better for the time it spent in the smoker. Double wrap it in foil and put it in, over or on something to keep the juices from making a mess in your oven and set it for 200°-225° depending on what time you would like to eat.
  16. Alright, so since I've got the first of many Noob questions out of the way in here might as well keep it going with some more dumb questions, help me pass the time while this thing cooks.

    Here goes,

    Question 1: How long before you start smoking should you put the rub on the brisket, and is there such a thing as rubbing it too soon? Will applying the rub too soon damage the flavor of the meat?
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    I like to apply mine on the bigger cuts like brisket in the 12-24 hour before hitting the grates time frame. If you have a real salty rub I think it could be applied to early and in effect start curing the meat. In order to do this I think you would have to be rubbing way ahead of schedule or really salty. Lastly, applying it sooner won't damage the flavor, but will most likely alter it. Any damage from too soon would more than likely be to the texture of the meat.
  18. richtee

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    Ahhh! Well, that explains alot then. I fear I gave bad advice to you. No coffee...BEER!

    Heh- SUCKER! Welcome to the fold! [​IMG]
  19. Well, it's been a long night but I made it through. Briskets turned out better than I had hoped for. Still new at it so I'll get the bugs worked out eventually I guess. I've had my little smokerfor a week tomorrow and put 3 briskets through it so with any luck at this rate I might have it figured out in a few years. Thanks again for the save guys, would have been a really long night otherwise. I'm going to go wash the smoke off me before my dog has his way with me.

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