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  1. I smoked a 12 pound turkey a couple of weeks ago and it turned out awesome..  I took some to work with me and a guy there asked me to smoke one of his turkeys that he has been raising...I asked him how big there were and he said they would be around 30 lbs dressed out... Now my question is that to big of a turkey to smoke in a ugly drum smoker?? I really dont even know how I would brine that monster. this is the one i did in my UDS ... Any pointers would be great!!! thanks Ikester!!   [​IMG]
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       You could ask him if you could cut it in half for the UDS? Two 15# halves would be better,but that big makes me wonder how old they are,could be tough.

       Just a thought...
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    I would definitely get them cut in half and smoke them flat, like spatchcocking but fully separating the halves and roasting each half on a separate grate.
  4. yeah i dont know how old they are he said they were ones he just raised this year...but yeah thanks for the info pops and oldschool..

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