Question about smoking a pork tenderloin along with some sausage

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bighouse627, Apr 21, 2011.

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    Ok, this site is great! I am now constantly hungry and probably gaining even more weight:). I have smoked my first ribs last weekend and would have taken a photo but they were ambushed and eaten quickly. I used a rub and the 3-2-1 method and my wife saidnthey were the best ribs ever. I purchased a MES 40 and a, going to break it in with a small pork tenderloin with Jeff's rub. I also want to cook some sausages along with it. Can I do that? If so, how long should they cook?

    From what I have rad so far I should cook the pork at 225-250 until the temp is 145-150 and let rest in foil for a bit. It seems I should also foil the loin near the end ofnthe cooking process but when shield I do this as it is a small cut?

    This will be my first attempt with the new MES so is there any advice with that as well? It is already seasoned. My neighbors are already wondering what those great smells coming from my garage are:). My wife's colleagues at work are also jealous. I just love this site.

    Thank you in advance for any tips or info.

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    Welcome Scott!!

    There is tons of info here..

    Just type whatever you want to know in the handy dandy search tool up top!

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    X2...also Welcome to smf glad to have ya!!!
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    [​IMG]I to have a MES40 and love it be sure to get another temp probe the one on the MES is more than likely off.
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    First of all welcome to SMF. If the sausages are fresh (uncured) then they & the loin need to be taken to 160 IT to be safe. You may want to wrap the loin in bacon to keep it moist. If you take the loin off the smoker at 150, then wrap it in foil & rest on counter, the temp will rise while resting. When it hits 160, slice it. I would leave the sausages on the smoker until 160. Make sure you have an accurate thermometer and check it in boiling water. It should read 212 or 213.
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    thank you all for the advice.  I did wrap it in bacon and cooked to 160.  It was fantastic!! I took a picture only to find out just now that the disk was not in the camera:(.  I will try again next ime.  The bacon was out of this world.  Sorry took so long to repspond as things have been crazy but the meal was great.  I did buy the new Maverick 732 from Todd and verified the accuracy which was spot on.  My MES 40 was only about 4 degrees off with both the cooking temp and the meat probe (in opposite directions though) so I was happy with that. 

    Thanks again and I will try to get a pic next time.  Very full now and need a nap:).


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