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Discussion in 'Beef' started by turfmunch, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. turfmunch

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    The family wants roast beef and potatoes for dinner this weekend and I was thinking about using the smoker to prepare it. I want to slice it just as if we cooked it in the oven and I am looking for tender and medium/medium rare.

    My question is this: What is the best kind of beef roast to use for this?

    I've done the search but there's not alot about smoked roasts out there.

  2. smok'n steve

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    What's your budget?
  3. capt dan

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    Search, Rib eye, or rib eye roast. Thats the one![​IMG]
  4. capt dan

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    This is what they look like after 5-6 hrs in the smoke.

    another good one is chuck, but I would do that one well done! It is like this!

    do searches for both.
    Glued 2it has a nice thread about some roast beef sammies!
  5. turfmunch

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    Dont really have one but I dont want to do a prime rib roast as we did one of those not too long ago. It was awesome but I want to try different things...
  6. Hi TURF;
    I also asked about a cross rib roast, didn't5 get much reply.
    I cooked mine 12# with brisket. came out good but dry. Done some lookin, seems we need to cook at higher temps. shorter time. Maby 400 deg. if u can get it. to about 160 deg.
    Cooked mine to 180 deg. Cut good, looked good, just dry.
    The explanation was, not enough fat in meet to cook slow.

    Hope this helps, I will try again.

    PS; look for the london broil cook in here
  7. capt dan

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  8. flash

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    Maybe a cheap 'ol London Broil.
  9. bbq bubba

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    And there ya go!!! [​IMG]
  10. capt dan

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    Oh yeah, How could I have forgoten that perfect post right there![​IMG]
  11. geob

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    Rump Roast, rub, spray, smoke until 140 then wrap, smoke until 170 (well Done) then remove, cool & slice. Makes great sammies.

  12. abelman

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  13. joed617

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    I usually cook a whole top of the round with the fat cap on. I don't use a rub either, just salt and pepper. I cook mine at 225 deg until I get an internal temp of 115 deg. pull it off the smoker and wrap it up and let it rest. It's not the same cut like a brisket and has less fat in it so if you smoke it for hours and hours it will dry out. If not smokey enough for you cold smoke it first and then turn the temp up to finish it off. I hope this helps you.

  14. lcruzen

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    Joe hit it on the head. For what I think your trying to achieve top round for sure.

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