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  1. I recently converted from gas to electric for my fridge smoker. I had the rack for the water pan app 8" from the gas burner. Should I leave it alone or lower it closer to the heat?

    What is the normal height from the heat for the water pan?



    Oh yea, I'm currently using 2, 1000w 110volt burners. I will upgrade soon to a Old Smokey 1250 110v.
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    Not sure if I can answer your question.  I have a question though.  What is the water pan for?  I have an electric and I have never used a water pan.  I know a lot of people do.  Just curious.
  3. It provides the humidity, so the meats do not dry out.

    I primarily (sp) cook venision salami/sausage in my cooker. The humidity is a must or it will be dry and untasty.

    I was just curious how close the water should be to the heat. It doesn't need to boil, but does need to provide humidity.

    Who knows? Maybe I'm being to technical with this?  lol
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    Do you need the additional capacity gained by lowering the water pan? If not, roll with it as it is and see what happens.
  5. Nope, I have plenty of height.

    I did a trial run on a whole chicken yesterday. I didn't have time to brine it, so I just basted with mustard and olive oil, then rubbed it with a brown sugar based rub. It was only a trial, but boy was it a hit. My girls ate it all.

    The water pan is app 12" from the burners and I think it works just fine. I was only curious of other peoples thoughts on the subject.
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    Remember, water boils at 212°, so too close to the element and you'll be boiling water

    I don't use water in my water pan, but that's my personal preference. 

    Some guys use the water pan as a heat sink, and others for extra moisture

  7. Yep, it serves two roles for me most of the time. I primarily use it for venison salami, so the water is a must. I don't normally worry about boiling, as my temps stay below 200 and normally for salami I keep it below 180.

    However, for the occasional ribs, butts, etc.... It does go up to the 220 range.

    I think the pan height is fine, even for those temps.

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