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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by franko, May 11, 2012.

  1. I just purchased a new mes 40 (2011 model) and the instructions say "Unit MUST be on the ground. Do not place unit on tables or counters".  Do these smokers generate too much heat under the bottom for them to be placed on a wood deck? Sure hope not. 
  2. I use mine on the wood deck.
  3. chef jimmyj

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    I didn't notice that caution. There are many posts of table and cart builds. I plan to use a rolling cart because it is so low...JJ
  4. This was the second instruction on the first page of the users manual.  Masterbuilt may have included it because some users might have put it up too high on a table and there might have been a case where a smoker fell off and hurt someone or something like that. (protecting themselves from possible law suits)  I can't see how enough heat could be reaching the floor from the bottom of the unit since a drip pan and a solid bottom are under the heating elements.   ???
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    I don't have the 2011 model. I purchased mine last Thanksgiving.

    Model: 20070211. It has the 1500W element.

    I did build a wood table to lift my unit up and I have moved it off the table a couple of times and inspected the table and there is not any indication that the unit has ever heated up the surface of the table. I plan on doing some smoking in the MES40 this weekend. I have a hand held laser thermal sensor and I'll check the bottom after to smoke and see what the temperature is.

    Here's what I built for mine:


    Happy smoking,

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    The Masterbuilt "no table, stand" instruction is just a "don't sue me if it falls" precaution. 

    I have had my MES 40 on a 13" stand since day one (6 years ago).  In fact I doubt I could even use it if I had to stoop down if the unit was on the deck/floor, my back is always looking for an excuse to give out.
  7. frosty

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    ON A TABLE??? [​IMG]   Shame!

    Seriously, I've also had mine on a table since the day I got it, otherwise, it would be hard to see into.  I'm taller than 40".

    I do agree with Deltadude "The Masterbuilt "no table, stand" instruction is just a "don't sue me if it falls" precaution.".

    Since it's yours use it as you see fit using normal caution and safety procedures..
  8. I also agree with Deltadude. And I think Whittling Chip built a dyn-o-mite table to place his on. Wish I had that kind of talent. Probably have to buy one at Wally World.

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