Question about Lacto Sausage starter cultures.

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by jayberque, Feb 15, 2016.

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    I see that BactoFerm is about the only distributer of starter cultures.  Being a home brewer of many styles of soured beer i have quite the collection of pure liquid lactobacillus cultures.  does anyone know if those may be used as a starer culture of fermented sausages?  i don't see why not.., they are hella strong bugs.  they can drop the ph of beer wort to 3.5 in a few days days at 90 degree.  I'm just getting into making fermented sausages and am wondering what results i might get using a liquid lacto culture.  Has anyone tried this?
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    You probably can but there would be extensive trial and error experiments to run to find the best amount to use and fermentation time needed for proper Ph and desired flavor. The cost of meat will far out way the savings using what you have. Bactoferm products are more commonly used in sausage so there are lots of proven recipes with amounts and fermenting times...Some of the Guru's with more experience can give more info...JJ
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    Not knowing what "blends" your liquid cultures are, and not being a chemist, I can't speak with any authority.

    That disclaimer aside, I would guess the answer is no.

    I'll post up a link to a list of BactoFerm products that lists WHAT is in each. I'm doing this not to try to sell anything, or promote a distributor, but because it's the only source I found on a moderate search that listed these. Hopefully, posting the link isn't against the rules. Type And Uses.pdf

    Each has a distinct purpose, and each has a predictable outcome.

    Personally, I'd just play it safe and purchase the blend specifically formulated for meat for the fermentation parameters and time I had in mind, and save the brewing strains for brewing.
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    This makes sense...Bactoferm has been thouroughly tested and proven. While I suspect even bactoferm started with a similar product to that used in brewing and baking, ALL the testing has been done with relatively consistant and guaranteed results. You are probably not breaking new ground but you could waste a lot of meat, making sausage and testing for the right flavor and Ph to control bacteria...Updating my previous answer saying I saw no reason not too. This is a good reason, Points to Ragnar...JJ
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "blends." Im lucky enough to get cultures that are grown from isolated samples on lab banked agar plates... Not some bottom of the carboy washed bullshit. Either way. I do not have a the L. Curvatas strain that seems to run through the Bactofem products. I have plenty of access to a few Pedio strains as well. I can't see how any strong lacto strain wouldn't have similar effects... All we are talking about is creating lactic acid to drop ph. I may have to do a few single pound samples and see what happens... I was just wondering if anyone else had tried them out.
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