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  1. I have made both summer sausage and snack sticks with just plain store brand aged cheddar cheese.  The results to me at least seamed good.  I have never tried the high temperature cheese.  For those of you who have used both kinds of cheese what was the differences you have found?
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    I have never tried smoking high temperature cheese either and would be keen to find out as well. Depending on the type of cheese, this textural tenacity at high temperature is usually a result of very high acid or whey protein content or an extremely high level of salt - non of which should prevent the uptake of smoke.

    It may be something that you could try and feed back to the group.
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  3. Thanks for the reply Wade.  Maybe I didn't ask the question correctly.  I was referring to the cheese as an ingredient mixed into the summer suasuage and snack sticks.  Or maybe I misread your response.
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    Hi Fished,

    I've used high temp cheese in plenty of my fresh sausages and did use it in my last Elk snack stick. I like it. In the snack sticks it didn't melt or soften much in the smoker, which was was nice upon eating later. Nice large (1/4") cheesy chunks. In fresh sausage it melts right about when I'm ready to pull them off the grill. Again, a nice soft melted cheese pocket in your sausage. I found normal cheese sort of dissipated into the meat.

    I buy it at butcher and packer

    I like the pepper jack the most.


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    Sorry I misread it as you wanting to try smoking some high temperature cheese - my mistake
  6. Wade, no reason to say sorry.  Those little nugets of the high temp cheese would most likely be very good smoked.  With the normal cheddar cheese it didn't dissipate into meat either time I used it.  I did find that it was much softer, even after the summer sausage and snack sticks were in the referator.  I would like to use some hot pepper cheese, but it is already softer than the cheddar.  I think I would be better off using the high temp cheese.

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