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    Got my new garden tilled up and plenty of seeds starting in flats in the greenhouse..

    The question is..

    How much equipment is needed to start pressure canning???

    A detailed list is what I am asking for..

    The county is having a class and it sorta interests me..

    Date: March 22, 2013
    From: "CORBUS,JUDY" <[email protected]> (Send reply to this email)
    Subject: Pressure Canning Class - March 26 - Bonifay

    Dear Craig: 

    Ready to learn how to pressure can foods?  Please join us for a hands-on Beginners Pressure Canning Class Tuesday, March 26, 2013, 6:00-9:30 p.m. CDT, at the Holmes County Ag. Center, 1173 E. Highway 90, Bonifay.  You will learn the basics of pressure canning as we can carrots.  Cost is $5 - includes materials.  Please pre-register by calling the Holmes County Extension Office, 850.547.1108, or the Washington County Extension Office, 850.638.6265.

  2. Pressure canning or water bath canning?

    You can get started for less than $100 in equipment.....a Presto or Mirro canner and a canning kit....All-American canners are much more expensive, but I use my cheaper canners more than the all-American.

    Buy the Ball Blue Book.

    Look for canning jars on Craiglist and the like.

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  3. roller

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    You will like doing it Craig the food taste great. Much better than frozen..Take that class for sure.
  4. daveomak

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    The class will surely teach you the "little things" the books will miss....  The books are a must for reference in the future...  We have 4 canners...  2 All American... One I bought new in 32 years ago and one 4 yrs ago at a garage sale...  $60... I refused to let someone else get it for that price..  I really like the smaller mirro canner I got at a garage sale.... $5 ....  It holds 5 pints... perfect for daily canning of green beans... 
  5. I recently got an All American! I haven't used it yet tho. [​IMG] I'm gonna try an easy BBQ sauce recipe to break it/me in, actually gonna do it tomorrow. Got the recipe out of the book that came with the unit, looks tasty. After that I got some wild pig meat I need to can up. My husband has been having a good time night hunting lately.


    I bought jars and lids, and a kit with a jar picker upper, magnetic lid picker upper, wide mouth funnel, and air pocket remover stick thing. Of course the canner, and it came with a rack so the jars don't directly touch the bottom. That's all i can think of right now.

    Good Luck! And wish me luck!
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    Bell Blue Book.......

    Its better than canning for dummies!

    Buy a large pressure cooker, don't skimp on price due to size. I would rather be able to do all at once, then start getting more specialized down the road. Then you can get starter packs that have all the cute little do-hickies like the magnetic tiped wooden stick to pick up hot lids. The bottle grabbers, the food funnel, you need a spatula. Grandma didn't have all the neat toys, but they make it a bit easier.

    Bell Blue Book, buy it on line and it will show you everything.

    PS when you get the pressure canner, go ahead and order an extra gasket so when you need it, you'll all ready have it.

    One last suggestion, keep your eyes open for some pint and a half mason jars. Jars are like ties or lapels or haircuts. They all change and some are even actually collecters items from year to year some change. Watch for when the pint and a half come out.

    Last but not least, don't loan them out even to your Mother. Friends borrowed my Big Mirror a few years back, it was my grandmothers. They warped the lid, they called mirror and replaced it and it hasn't worked right since the heat affects the different alum thickness differently so you can no longer opren or close it except completely cold.

    If I opposed anyone elses views, remember its just my opinion and we know wjhat opinions are like.
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  7. dj mishima

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    I was able to get pint and half pint Bell jars to seal with the boiling water method.  I used tongs to pull them out of the water.  It is possible, but I wished I had the specialized equipment at the time.
  8. foamheart

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    Oh, and the Bell Blue Book has "THE" pickled beet recipe! My book falls open to that page. Then when ya eat the beets, you fill it up again with boiled eggs. But it takes forever for the eggs to absorb the flavor.
  9. foamheart

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    LOL... makes ya appreciate Mom and Grandma a bit more doesn't it?
  10. kathrynn

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    You will need both the waterbath.....Walmart has a granite ware one for less than $12....and get a pressure canner.  Will need both depending on the PH levels of the different foods.

    The Ball wonderful....can also get information/books from the local County Extension Agents too.

    AND...we will share recipes that are tried and true!

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