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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by iceman61, Jan 12, 2012.

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    I had a 55gal steel barrel that I was burning out for my UDS build. This food grade barrel had a brown painted inside which I am assuming was the dreaded liner. I picked up a mixture of hardwood from a pile of broken pallets & started my fire. After about 4-5 hours of burning I looked inside & had about one foot deep of hot coals. The next day I came back out & noticed the only about half of the outside paint had burned off & about 90% of the liner. Under the liner was another layer of blue paint. I installed a paint stripping disk on my angle grinder & started trying to dress up the inside to see what I had. What I though was soot on the inside was actually still liner residue with a blue paint layer under it. [​IMG]

    My questions are:

    1 - Is this common for a burning out a barrel with a liner?

    2 - Do lined barrels take more than one burn out? In other words, if I do another burn out or two, will the other layers of paint come out?

    I'm actually asking this for my next barrel because on more inspection I noticed this barrel had several rusted pinholes in the bottom so Im making a trash barrel out of this one.
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    There have been a few folks go mad trying to get the liner out of a barrel.

     LOL, The liner is different depending on what the barrel was used for and may or may not burn out .

    May or may not come out w/ a grinder. may or may not come out at all.

     best bet is to keep searching for an unlined barrel.
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    Forget the food grade barrel... Just find one without a liner that didnt have any toxic chemicals. Try a lube place for a  oil barrel....... wont have any problems burning it out

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  5. I just burned mine out with a propane weed torch and am taking it to a buddy with a sandblaster.  I'm thinking the combination of the two will remove the food grade liner.
  6. When using a barrel I use motor oil barrels. If you want to save the paint take it to a car wash. Spray it down with gunk engine cleaner then pressure wash or extremely hot water and dawn dish soap. Either way they clean out easily.

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