Question about an OK Joe Highlander

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by alcoasmoker, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. alcoasmoker

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    So I was at my local Wally-World the other day and I happened to notice that they had the OKJ Highlander in stock. This looks like the smoker that I will be purchasing some day as it has the right balance of size and affordability. I've seen some mods for OKJ's on here so I understand that it'll need a bit of work to make it perform at it best and I'm okay with that...but I have a question for the group. I noticed that there is a tube that is welded on the the grill and is a receiver for the door hinge with a second one right behind it. Anybody know why? I snapped this pic:
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  2. hardcookin

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    I have a Longhorn mine has the same thing. I was thinking the other one was for strength or stability. But that is a good question!!
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  3. icyhot

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    That's the stops for the door when it's opened
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