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  1. Does anyone have experience with the Fruita Wood company online for buying wood? Their selection seems to be nothing short of amazing but im wondering if the price is in line with the amount of wood im getting. I live in Wisconsin so oak and maple fill the pages of Craigslist and my dad's woodpile. Really interested in Peach and Alder for pork and fish and maybe some Apple and Cherry for ribs. Just bought a Lang 36 so I am kinda looking for sticks. In the past with my old smoker I have used bagged stuff from the big box stores. The floor is now open for your thoughts. :help:
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    Bag wood gets expensive to use in a stick burner. Red oak is great wood and a lot of people in other parts of the country would kill to have it available as you do in Wisc. and also here in Mn.

    You should be able to find apple and cherry in your area as well. Put a ad on CL saying you are looking to trim or take down old apple trees. I did that once and got several response where people wanted their apple and cherry trees removed.

    I bought a bag of hickory chunks once from Home Depot. Paid like $20 for it. Worthless. The wood had no aroma when I opened the bag and didn't add any flavor as far as I could tell to the meat.
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    You may also look in the classifieds. There is a fellow here who advertises all the time "Oak split & seasoned, by the piece or truckload, will deliver".

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    I know a local tree trimmer here in Iowa, he hooked me up with two 6x10 dump trailers full of oak because he had to much on hand.
  5. All good info. Thanks guys!

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