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  1. Is pvc (any kind, black or white) ok to use for cold smoking? As in to go from smoke generating box to cold box. I can use something else if I need to, I just happen to have black pvc here that hubby brings home from work?
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    If you are truly cold smoking (no heat generation at all) I don't see why it wouldn't work. If you are "cold smoking" with heat (say at 160 degrees) then I wouldn't use it. Most plastic pipes are only rated for around 150 degrees. Dryer duct is a good cheap choice that is rated for higher temps. You can get a 10' section for $10. 
  3. Oh wow, I didn't know it was that cheap! So the pvc would work if you were doing one of those amzn trays? would a hot plate make too much heat? I was just curious, I may see if my dad has some dryer hose in the shop, that's the kind of thing he tends to squirrel away :)
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    The amazen products still generate heat so if you have plastic too close to them they will melt (I have first hand experience with this). 
  5. Oh dear. :fire:

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