put lard on dry cured ham?

Discussion in 'Curing' started by seadog92, Apr 1, 2015.

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    I put a couple hams into salt dry cure in November. They were smoked 40 hours, and left to hang in the smokehouse. Today i scrubbed the mold off and will re-sock to hang again until September. I've seen pictures where some processors coat the exposed end with a thick layer of what looks like lard. First, is it lard, and second, should i do the same? These are the 2nd and 3rd hams I've done. The first one just got washed and is being soaked for Sunday. I didn't put lard on that one. Any ideas? I don't get too much hot summer heat here in Washington state if that makes a difference.
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    Happy smoken.

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    Sorry, you're quite right of course.
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    Why do you soak them?

    Indeed ...lard is great to prevent drying of the ham during 2nd stage of curing....so laed away. I understand the Italians add some salt to lard before applying.

    Do you have pics before the wash?
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    In every recipe I've found for preparing country ham, it says to soak the ham, then boil, then bake.  Here's a picture before the ham was scrubbed of the mold.
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    Great ham there.

    I see. I was assuming you will serve it raw. Do you plan to cook the 2nd and 3rd as well? I cook black forest ham too but these are dry hams - I would eat them just like that sliced thin.
  7. I followed a "southern recipe" for cooking my country ham. Even after a fair bit of soaking, boiling then baking it was still pretty salty(but not inedible) here is the recipe I followed from Chow hound
    Anyways it turned out well, but to answer your question about the lard, I did add a  light coat of lard, then added a layer of red pepper flakes(apparently it keeps bugs away) but it added a good flavor to the outer cuts. Also did up a batch of red-eye gravy and biscuits. good stuff.

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