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  1. tdssmoke

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    I have a frozen venison ham. Do I have to purge it? If so how? I have seen instructions to put it in ice/ ice water/ salted ice water for anything from two hours to 5 days. What to do?

  2. bear55

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    IMHO it all depends on how the dear was butchered.  If everything was done properly then no need for purging.  On the other hand....

  3. trailsend

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    IMHO, when people purge any wild game it removes most of the wild flavor.
  4. foamheart

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    Its all individual prefrence. I always let a deer roast sit in sour milk for a day or two before cooking. You never neeed a knife.

    Its all personal prefrence.
  5. Lots of different methods, we use to do the buttermilk soak


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