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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dialaview, Dec 17, 2015.

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    Getting a 16" Horizon smoker, planning briskest/ribs/etc, what is a good amount of wood to start with? Planning oak, place sells white/red but isn't close so trying to plan my purchase since larger amounts will require me renting a truck. 1/3 of a cord a good starting now amount?

    Thank you.
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    Welcome to the forum and to the madness of BBQ!

    It's kind of hard to answer your question.  How often will you use the smoker?  Will you use all wood or lump and wood?

    1/3 cord would last a good while with that unit I would think, especially if you supplement the wood with lump.
  3. dialaview

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    Probably once a week depending on work.

    Was planning on pure wood, but could use lump haven't thought a lot about it. This is the first smoker I've owned, ordered in August and should be here "by Xmas"
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    What CB said.  1/3 cord is a pretty good stack, and depending on the size of the logs, you may end up having to cut them down or split them yet again to fit the firebox.  I looked at a 1/4 cord of oak for $85 here locally, and when I get it delivered, I'll be splitting some of the larger round logs and cutting the majority in half with my miter saw as they are 18" to 24" long.  Also, using lump to get things going and get a good hot coal bed, sure makes getting the wood going easier.
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