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Discussion in 'Pork' started by fishwrestler, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. fishwrestler

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    I got a phone call the other day from a former students parent, He has tasted my BBQ whole hog and asked what it would cost to do one for 400 people. I told him i need to check price on meat and what a whole hogs were going for. I started explaining that i a have been smoking a lot of pork butts and had done some for a group 0f 100 and that it was cheaper and a lot less waste and in my opinion a lot better tasting then a whole hog. So I called around and got some prices. I can get pork butt for 1.50 a lb from my butcher and the prices of whole hog is 1.50 a lb . I figured I would need a 300+ lb hog for 400 people with all the waste. I figured I could get by with as little as 150 or go ad much as 200 lb of pork butts, depending on how they wanted to eat. As I was trying to calculate cost etc. I figured I wasn't going to try and make any money, I was just going to volunteer my time to their church and have them cover my cost.

    So today I bought two pork butts and put them in at 9 am. checked the temp at 1:00 and t hey were at 140, but never got above 150 after 10 hours so i check my thermometer and and it is off 30 deg, I adjust it and pull the first one at 11 hours in and the internal temp is 200, I pulled it and ran a sample ( 1/2 a pork butt)  over the the gentleman organizing the event, He started tasting it and never stopped eating it lol. he says looks like a go and will know  tomorrow for sure. He said it tasted much better then my whole hog and that was fantastic.

    Here are some pictures of it going into the smoker and then one all done. I got some of the best bark ever. i never foiled and I used cherry wood.

    Thanks for looking.


    Got to love that bark.

  2. teeznuts

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    Sounds like you'll have your work cut out for you. Lookin good! Any pulled pics?
  3. fishwrestler

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    It should not be to bad I am just cooking and delivering it. It is sitting i have not pulled it the first was was pulled and 1/2 delivered and half in the refrigerator already.
  4. chef jimmyj

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    Nice! Good luck on the GIG! ...JJ
  5. fishwrestler

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    a little blurry  but here is a pic
  6. teeznuts

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    That's enough to satisfy my pulled pork cravings. Thanks!
  7. berninga87

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    400 people! that's going to be a big job, but I sure would like some of that pork! hope to see Qview at the big event!
  8. smokinal

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    Great looking PP. If it all looks like that it will be a great success!

    Good luck!
  9. bearcarver

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    Darn you Al !!!!

    Exactly what I was thinking!!!

    And the PP looks just right !!!

  10. that's a lot of butt for that smoker, keep us up to date!

    btw...as a fan of Greek history/language...gotta commend you on your avatar...
  11. raymo76

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    Where does the line start? I'm hungry!
  12. fishwrestler

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    Chef JimmyJ, Thank you. I think all will go well.

    No Problem Teeznuts always willing to help out with others cravings

    Berninga, yueah 400 is a big group, come on i will get you an invite to the event, I will take some pictures of the event and surely post them up.
    Thank you Al,  :)
    Thank you I feel honored getting such kind words from greats like Smoking AL and Bear Carver. :)


    I have access to about four more of the GOSM Big Block and I have a large trailer cooker that we do whole hogs in. I have several options and think either way with a little time and effort all should turn out well. As for my avatar thank  a friend had it up on  another forum and would not tell me what it said soi started researching and really like what it said, was very interesting as I found many  other forms of this saying but liked this one the best.
    Raymo, you are in California it might be at your local come get in line. LOL  This will be for one of the Wards of the local LDS Church.
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  13. tiki guy

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    WOW !   I   not only LOVE that BARK , I envy it 100000000000%   Nice job Brahh !
  14. bmudd14474

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    Robert it looks good. I know they will enjoy it. If you need help let me know.
  15. scarbelly

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    Wow Robert that looks great. Congrats on the great gig
  16. berninga87

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    Thanks for the invite! but unfortunately I'll have to settle for pictures. My town in WI is a little ways away from CA, but I did make the drive out there in April this year. Myself and three friends drove 28 hrs strait to San Diego for a night and then to Indio for 2 nights and the Big 4 concert, and then slowly made our way back home. That was my second time in CA, can't wait to go back again, maybe next time will be farther north!
  17. africanmeat

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    It is a great PP .you must be a smokaholic to do it for 400 [​IMG]

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