Pulled the trigger today.. Talked to Ben and ordered a Lang 36 Smoker..

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by jck 1234, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. They are coming to the BBQ show in Dothan, Al on the 13 an will bring it to me ... Nice to save 400 on shipping. I'm green as green can get an will have lots of question. Please remember you all were new at some point some of you a long long time ago. But still new.

    I have read a lot here an learned a lot. Used a cheap propane smoker to cut my teeth. But now I need to learn what the big boys do. But with a smaller smoker..

    First question.

    What is the best kind wood to keep on hand to smoke with? Not sure what i can fined around where i live but will work it out.

    Thanks for all the good info I have read here..
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  2. alblancher

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    Burn the wood you have access to.  Oak is pretty plentiful   You might get with Bama Fan or some of the other members from your neighborhood and try to source some wood from them.   Good luck,  youll love the little Lang.

  3. Ill try an fine some of the guys on here close to me. Plan on hanging out at the Tri State Competition an lean all I can.. Just need to stay away from the beer an learn.. LOL
  4. raptor700

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    You'll love the Lang. It's a chicken cooking machine.

    I like the fruit woods, but will use what i can find. With fruit woods you can go longer with the smoke. If you use Oak, Hickory, Pecan,etc

    you just need to foil sooner to keep from over smoking.

    Congrats on the Lang, BBQ Pitmasters are filming the last episode of the new season at the Tri States BBQ Festival.Be prepared to take notes [​IMG]
  5. pineywoods

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    Congrats on the Lang if your in Dothan then we're pretty close I'm just south of Chattahoochee, Too bad the events are the same time or you could come to the N FL Gathering and check out how to run the Langs we'll have two of them here along with two more reverse flows that are very similar
  6. scarbelly

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    Congrats on the new Lang. Man I wish he would have had one out here when I was looking 
  7. Reverse flow Lang...Nice unit...........[​IMG]
  8. Okay here's all my dumb ass moves i made.. I decided to buy a MES instead of the Lang. Big mistake. Hooked it up 35 degrees off. Messed up some nice BB Ribs. Went to the BBQ show to get the Lang. As I was looking around an found them. I looked it over an it was a very nice piece of equipment. Decided to ask around about it at the show and got very good input. As I eat an had a very nice day my luck jumped right out in front of me. One of the competitors at the show had won a Lang 36 an offed to sell it to me. Brand new. Never used. So i took the junk MES back to Sam's. An bought the 36 Lang. O did I say I got a great deal. This guy was way cool.. 825.00 Del to my House. I am one very happy person...
  9. sumosmoke

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    If it's brand new, don't forget the initial "burn-out" smoke, where you coat the inside with vegetable oil (or another high temp tolerable oil) and fire the thing up to season it, and burn off any chemicals from the build.

    Congrats! I'm an owner of a Patio 48 and just love mine! Ask all of the questions you want, plenty of help here for ya! [​IMG]

  10. He bring it by on Monday an Ill get right on it.. Like a kid waiting on Santa...
  11. icemanrrc

    icemanrrc Fire Starter

    Welcome to the Lang family!! I use all kinds of wood, but I prefer hickory... Just make sure you are burning clean and you will be fine

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