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    After much deliberation (previous post and help - pellet smoker or not) I pulled the trigger and bought a MES40.  Still have some 'buyers remorse' as it was, for some reason - a lot of anguish.  Anyway, I spent just under 1/2 as much and figure, as I smart poster mentioned - I can have more $$ to buy meats with, and some gadgets for it.

    Speaking of gadgets -

    What else should i consider purchasing/getting either now, or over time?  I'm pretty sure a AMNS product is in the 'near' future - just haven't decided if i want a couple of 12" tube units to swap around, or the 'tray' unit.  I like the tray, but then of course I have to keep up with 2 types of smoking materials.

    What about additional timers?

    I've seen a lot of people talk about needing more timers.  Is this due to different meat sizes while smoking, the unit not providing correct temperatures, latest and greatest (wifi vs magnetic units), ????  If I do get other temp gauges - is there a sweet spot in $$ or do I need to start saving up for something?  Are there 'single' units that will handle multiple probes? How do you use multiple temp gauges - through the door or are there other pre-made holes that i haven't noticed in the unit?

    Quick read temp items -

    Boy, they don't 'give' them away do they?

    Please remember that I'm just getting started and don't even know how much I'll use this (famous last words) but why would I purchase this product (temp gauge, quick temp reader, etc) over something else - or should I wait till I start smoking 'the item or another one' and then need this product - for example.

  2. Congratulation on your MES. As for the tube or the tray it would help if you had your location on your profile. The tube works a lot better above 5000 feet. The tray will burn longer so that is a help on long smokes. The tube makes more smoke. You will want a couple of different pellet flavors. Or chips if you go that route.

    You drop the probe down the exhaust.

    You will also need a good 2 probe thermometer. A lot of us like the Maverick. A cheap instant read is also a good thing to have.

    Check the temp of your smoker against a tested thermometer. Most smoker installed thermometers are off, some by a lot.

    Happy smoken.

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    guess I missed that part of the profile config - I've amended it now, thanks for the reminder.

    Anyway, I live in SC and actually just north of Columbia - which is the Capitol of our state. 

    I'd seen several posts about the temp being 'off' but just couldn't remember the "maverick" name.  I found this unit - http://www.firecraft.com/product/ne...FCWEB___GSHP&gclid=CIXBpufD0sICFQ_l7Aod1jgA1g and it's 'cheaper' than I thought - so that's good.  I'll poke around and look at some other models also as it seems that over time, i might want another 'dual' model also.  I guess in that case, you could just buy 2 of these and go from there. 

    Any quick suggestions of temp calibrations/comparisons?  As i know what water boils at - how do you test the actual units' gauges?  Stupid question huh?

  4. Do a boil test and a ice water test with your remote thermometer. If it is a good one it is probably within a degree or 2 of 212° and 32°. Then fire up your smoker and put the probe next to the MES probe and compare. It doesn't much matter what temp the MES is. Make a note of temps. Then turn the MES on and run it up to say 175° and make a note. Then up to 225° and make notes. Then to 275° again notes. Now you know how far off you are. 

    Their will be hot and cold spots in any smoker. I put my probe as close to the food as I can. If I am using every rack I put it in the middle knowing that not all racks will be the same. I probe the meat with the other probe in the area I know is the hot spot. When it is done in the hot area I move to the next piece and so on.

    I would go with the AMNPS for your area.

    Happy smoken.

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    Thanks for the great info.

    I need to 'burn it in' for the first time this afternoon - and I'll check these points - in reverse.

    Again, appreciate your help.

    now - to order some AMAZN products.  I haven't measured the MES40 yet - but believe the 5x8 tray will/should fit w/o any issues.  nice that this one also burns pellets, as well as 'magic' dust.  :)  I don't think that's true of the tubes - so maybe just 1 device that'll do both is the key.

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    You're looking for advice so heres my 2 cents.....first, congrats on the new cooker. I owned one of those and it put out some good q. As for the maverick, consider the 733 as the probes are universal....you can monitor 2 meats or 1 meat and chamber temp. Regarding the amazn, instead of chips in the mes loader try small chunks. Better flavor and smoke much longer. If you still require more and longer smoke I had better luck with the smoke tube. Stayed lit and produced more smoke and for a good long time. Some folks have a bit of trouble keeping the tray lit. But definitely verify your chamber and meat probe temp (as other folks have mentioned) so you know how closr the factory temps are. Best of luck.
  7. The AMNPS was made for the MES40

    Happy smoken.

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    These guys got you pretty well covered all around.

    I agree with David, since you aren't at a high elevation, the 5" X 8" AMNPS would be best, because the tube makes too much smoke for my MES 40. I tried filling it half way, but then it just spreads out the burn across the long surface and still smokes too much. I believe it was designed to be filled, and burned that way, and it really puts out the smoke. The guys at high altitude need the tube & guys with much bigger smokers need the tube. The 5 X 8 is exactly what you need for a low altitude MES 30 or MES 40. IMHO

  9. bearcarver

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    Forgot to mention that. 

    Actually it was designed to just barely fit on the bars in the MES 30, but that way it's perfect for both the 30 and 40.

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