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  1. This may be a really dumb question but I'm going to ask anyway. Is there a special process for the actual pulling of the pork? [​IMG]I have seen all kinds of posts on the cooking of pulled pork and the finishing sauces,but nothing on the pulling. My first butt I sliced. I am now ready to do pulled pork and would just like to make sure I have all my ducks in a row. Hey, duck, maybe I'll smoke a duck instead.[​IMG]

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    D no real secret to it some people use those claw things, I use two forks or if I let it cool a bit I use my hands whatever gets the job done. I usually pull some then give it a shot of finishing sauce then pull some more and so on squirting finishing sauce on each layer
  3. Some people use bear claws, (a fancy device that looks like something wolverine from x-men would use).
    Some people use two forks and some just use their hands.

    It's all good, just remember it's hot so gloves are good.
  4. I appreciate the quick replies. I kind of figured that but just wanted to check.

  5. Also, just something to add. Pork pulls best after it has reached an internal temp of 200. After it rests and while it is still hot.
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    D I almost forgot the most important part you must sample often while pulling you know just to do a quality check [​IMG][​IMG]
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    I let it rest at least one hour, then used two serving forks which are about two inches wide, with four tines (not meat forks). Thats what we had around, and they work great. Lots of guys use their hands with heavy neoprene gloves.
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    There are several choices here, some folks use two forks, there is a tool called bear claws, Dutch puts hunks of it in his Mixmaster with the dough blade to pull. I use my hands. I un-foil the meat, the bone usually falls out on it’s own, and I break it apart in to big pieces that I let cool for a few minutes. I then go through each piece and pull out the extra gunk (technical term for fat and connective tissue) and shred by hand.

    It also pulls easily if you get the internal temp up to 195-205°F and rest for at least an hour before pulling.

    Hope this helps!

    Take care, have fun, and do good!


  9. I do it the "meowy way". When I feel something extra good in there, well ya know, I just gotta check it out for myself! I often wonder why I use my gloved hands when I am pulling my 6th or 7th one in a row, but I just do.Lots of times , I break em open and rest my back for a minute while I re-hydrate!
  10. I use gloves (the jersey gloves that are dipped in chem-resistant PVC) to pull mine.

    Remove the fat cap, remove the bone & simply smash it. Then start pulling it with your fingers. I like to pull long strands with as much bark as I can get. I also like to leave some nice big hunks (especially the oyster).
  11. i've got those rubber-like bbq gloves but you can't grip anything with them. kind of a waste of money considering i bought them for the sole purpose of pulling pork.

    but heres what i do,

    after its at 200 degrees, i wrap it in a towel while still in the foil and put it in an empty cooler for about 90 minutes. I crack open the foil a little bit and let the steam escape and juices distribute for about 10 minutes. I take the bear claws and just go wolverine berzerker style into it. It normally breaks into a few large chunks and i just go at it with my hands. someone told me once, its not pulled pork unless you actually pull it. I usually leave it at that but if im putting it on a small rolls i give it a couple chops with my clever to get it into bite size pieces

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