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  1. i am using a MES Digital unit and have roast in pan with some stock to keep it moist. after about 3 hrs, the temp has stalled at 169F  I know I need 195F for pulled pork.  Suggestions. I dont want to open the unit as it would pull too much heat out. Temp was set at 240 now is at 250
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    Stall is normal. If you need to get it done sooner crank the temp up. I smoke all my pork butts with the pit running 285-325 now. Same product as lower temp put in less time.

    195 is the minimum temp to shoot for. Taking the butt to 205 will tender the fat completely and you'll have a better product.
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  3. I've upped temp to max for unit (275F) andgot 2 more degrees. We'll see - this may need to come inside.
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    Like DS said, you should shoot for 205* for pulled pork--much better.

    As for the stall, well it pretty much always happens.  You can either wait it out, or wrap the butt in foil to shorten the cook time.  Personally, I always foil and since its not taking on any more smoke after that, you can certainly put it in the oven to finish, or just leave it on the smoker.  I have a MES, so without smoke, its really just an oven anyway.

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    I smoked 2 pork butts, a 10 pounder and a 6 pounder, yesterday. I smoked mine with coal and wood, with an average temp of 275 the whole time. I started at 5:30 am and didn't finish till around 3pm. On my 10 pounder I had a stall from 170 to 180 that took around 2.5 hours before it finally took off to 200 degrees. The stall will take its time, and unfortunately it can't really be rushed. You might need to pull it and wrap it in foil. Some say that helps stop or slow the stall.
  6. I realize I need to run a higher temperature for the cook. I used a generic 240F for 1 1/2 hours a lb and itb stalled at 165F.  Does it have any impact that I had the roast in liquid?
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    actually did a nice butt on sat so  i feel ya man. really the stall just happens  i know its kinda zen but it will be done when its done, but the lower the temp you cook at the more the stall effects you just keep cooking it and you'll get it done [​IMG]
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    Actually the liquid will help it cook faster.

    I'm sure it's done by now.

    How did it turn out?

  9. We pulled it a 4 1/2 hours.  It was tasty but not pulleed pork.  Next time, I need to start a higher temp sooner. 
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    we have   all been there every cook is a learning process. but for a pork butt you're usually looking at a good 8-10 hours. after about 5-6 hours i usually wrap it  then just let it go another 3-4 hours  before i peak it 

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