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  1. There are many recipes on the forum for “pulled pork”.  The pulled pork that is so popular now is more of the “fusion foods” style of cooking that is also becoming more popular.  Just the other day while watching a cooking show I saw “Korean style Mexican Tacos”. [​IMG]

    North Carolina (and that area of the U.S.) is pretty much where the pulled pork tradition started.  Carolina style (not shredded pork with a bottle of sweet BBQ sauce poured over it) is what I think of when pulled pork is mentioned.  Even in that area there are differences in the “finishing sauce”, some recipes call for some mustard powder to be added for a more “tangy” flavour. Some recipes call for Worcester Sauce to be added. Some recipes call for less sugar Some recipes omit paprika as it is probably added to the rub, but all recipes I have seen for that area call for a vinegar based sauce, not the sweet BBQ sauce that has become so popular.

    This is not my recipe but a combination recipe for eastern and western North Carolina “Finishing Sauce”.  I thought you folks might want to give it a try to get a taste for the more “traditional” pulled pork.

    I would make this 24 hrs. in advance to allow the flavour to develop.

    Have fun with it.  Keep Smokin!


    Carolina style BBQ (“finishing sauce”)


    2cups (480ml.) cider vinegar (white would also work)

    3 Tbls. (45ml.) ketchup

    2 Tbls. (28g.) paprika

    2 Tbls. (28g.) brown sugar

    4 tsp. (20g.) kosher salt

    1 Tbls. (15ml.) hot sauce (like Tabasco or Cholula)

    1 tsp. -2 tsp. (5-10g.) ground black pepper

    Cayenne pepper or crushed red chillies to taste


    Combine all ingredients in a nonreactive mixing bowl, mixing until sugar and salt are dissolved.  Taste for seasoning.  Transfer to a clean, sterile jar with a tight fitting lid and refrigerate.  Shake well and warm before adding to pulled pork. Will keep in the refrigerator for several months.
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  2. That sounds pretty good - thanks for sharing :)
  3. I have not tried the vinegar based sauces, I'll give it a whirl. Thanks Danny.
    If you want Pork at the right price, Aldi have nice shoulder joints for around a fiver that will do a family for a good meal.
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    Danny, couple of days to late for me! Cooked a Boston Butt a couple of days ago and brought it away with me. Brother & Sister in law are arriving in about a hour so going to re heat the Pulled Pork. Tha sauce would of been nice!

    Thanks for the share.
  5. Thanks guys.  I just thought since U.K. folks have not tried "traditional" it may be something to think about.  Will have a look Baz.  Thanks for the tip.  Keep Smokin!

  6. Thanks Danny I have pinched that recipe and will give it a try tomorrow. 👍👍
  7. Hi Bob.  This is "pretty much" from what I read; "original" style pulled pork "Carolina style".  That is where it came from and the original pulled pork.  Keep Smokin!


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