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  1. I know this is a pretty basic topic, however I am relatively new to smoking and just looking to learn. I have made pulled pork several times in the past and always been pleased with the result, I am just trying to perfect it. I know the basics of the process but am just looking for some opinions and to have a few questions answered.  My normal process....rub a pork butt over night, smoke unwrapped at 225-240, mist with apple juice every hour after the 4 hour mark, only put smoke on meat for about half the cook, cook until internal of around 200 is reached, let rest before pulling.  Just a few questions. Should I wrap or not? Favorite wood? Internal temp? Brining? Injecting? Smoker temp? Any insight would be much appreciated by this newbie!
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    Hey Josh.

    Sounds like you've got a good process down.  To answer your questions:

    Should I wrap or not?  Its one of the common debates among members.  Its really personal preference...there's not wrong answer.  I used to always wrap, but don't any more.  The smoky bark you get is much better when you don't wrap.

    Favorite wood?  Again, its all about personal preference...but I like a hickory/apple mix

    Internal temp?  200*-205* is the sweet spot

    Brining? Injecting?  I don't do either with butts.  IMO its not needed...they have enough fat in them to always come out juicy and tasty without doing either.

    Smoker temp?  My cooking temp range is pretty much in line with what you're already doing.  I like to cook a butt @ 240*-250*.

    Hope this helps, but it sounds like you're already turning out a really good pork butt.

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    Those that wrap the butt will do so when the butt hits the stall around the 160° mark-they sometimes add apple juice or whatever they use for spritzing the butt. This helps break down the connective tissue. If I'm not pressed for time, I don't use foil-when I need things done quicker, then I'll use foil.

    As for flavoring woods-I like a mix of apple and pecan or cherry and pecan-I use a Lang 60 Deluxe so my base wood for heat is white oak and I try to maintain temps in the 240°-250° range. Most pork that you buy in the store has been enhanced with some percentage of a brine solution-it's usually listed on the packageing. There are a number of things that you can use for an injection and that's a personal thing-I don't because I feel that I have a pretty good produce with the rub I use and the pork. If you're going to slice the pork, you'll want your internal temps to be in the 190°-195° range. For pulling I like to take the butt up to 205°-210°.
  4. Thanks a lot guys.  One more question I have....Should i cook the butt directly on the rack? Or is placing the butt in a container of some type a better option? Does this hinder the smoke from penetrating the meat at all? Thanks
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    Again, this is personal preference. Some here will put the butt in a disposible aluminum pan so tht they can catch the juices and when it comes time to do the foiling, all they have have to do is cover the top of the pan with foil. Those that do use a pan get smoke penetration but I'm not sure what effect it will have on the smoke ring.
  6. Looks like you are already doing it "right", if there is such a thing. All of the advice you are getting here is right on the mark. I'm really sold on using a finishing sauce on the pulled meat. The cider vinegar based finishing sauces are a bit strong for me initially, but upon reheating days or weeks later, after the flavors have melded you have the best PP ever.

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