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Discussion in 'Pork' started by justin slinkard, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. I am smoking a 4 lb butt in my electric smoker. Smoking at 225. It's been going for 8 hours now and temp is still just 165. I wrapped it in foil about two hours ago when it was at 155. Why is it taking so long? I though 2 hour per pound should get it to 200. What did I do wrong? 
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    Are you sure of the smoker temp? 
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    Sometimes they just take a long time.

    And as Scar said, "Are you sure of the smoker temp?"
  5. It's an electric smoker so I have it set to 225. It never got above 230. I don't have a gauge on the grate to see what the exact temp is but I figured the smokers built in guage was fine. It finally finished after 12 hours. Just didn't figure a little 4 pounded would take so long. Lol
  6. And it's a 4 rack masterbuilt stand up electric smoker. I've smoked ribs perfectly in it and everything else. Just had trouble with the pulled pork. 
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    I would bet $$$ to doughnuts that your smoker thermo is off by at least 15 degrees. You need to get a good thermo and calibrate it w/ boiling water.

    water boils @212 degF . You were probably only cooking at 205 -210 and that would explain the 3 hrs / lb.

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