Pulled Pork with Jeff's Rub & Sauce

Discussion in 'Pork' started by lupus, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Just a quick note to Jeff. Thanks for two amazing recipes :)

    Just finished a weekend when we had the entire clan over for my daughter's christening. Did a pulled pork with Jeff's rub and BBQ sauce.

    Being Aussies and unused to the concept of pulled pork, the entire clan was a little sceptical about the appearance of the dish, which I have to admit, is not a great visual treat.

    However, when they all finally tucked in, no one complained and my mother, who rarely goes back for seconds, went back for another round! In fact, the dish was so great, she has asked me to do one for her to take home to my sister (they all live about two states away).

    I cannot praise the recipe enough!! Have made pulled pork three times now, twice for the immediate family and this one time for the clan. This is the first outing for the dish apart from the immediate family and it was a resounding success!!

    A big plus to the smoker as well :) Only purchased the Masterbuilt smoker earlier this year and have had some fine meals out of it :) Just need to expand my horizons with more recipes. I need to do some ribs, but am a little hesitant to go there :)

    Any other suggestions of what can go in the smoker? :)

    ps: Before anyone asks, no Qview. But I have the highly positive feedback of 15+ family members to prove the experience existed. In fact, the dish was so good, the father in law claimed bragging rights to the dish........which is a form of praise in itself, although strange, since he did not even see the smoker in action.
  2. rbranstner

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    Nope I'm going to have to over rule you here.  [​IMG]Ha Ha Ha

    That's great that everyone loved it. If you can pull off some great Pulled Pork like you did then you won't have any problem expanding your horizons and putting out some other type of great Q.
  3. smokinal

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    Glad your PP turned out so well.

    Since your new here I guess we can give you a break on the Q-view.

    But you know what to do next smoke!

  4. meateater

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    Sounds like the camera wasn't quick enough for this round. [​IMG]

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