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Discussion in 'Pork' started by pigglywiggly, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Well it's turning out to be a less than admirable day for smoking. It's about 35F but with winds 25-35mph with gusts up to 50-60mph! But in anycase I am preservering and doing my best. Got the shoulder on about 0530. Its a chore trying to keep the temps up with the wind. Luckily the house is blocking most of it. Also just put on some jalaps with some homemade sharp cheddar for a snack. Now off to babysit the fire!


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    Gonna be tough in the wind. Good luck and can you fill out the location in your profile so local members can better help you in the future................[​IMG]


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    Good luck in the wind PW. Try to block as much of the wind as possible. That butt is looking good so far.

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    good luck with the smoke i will wait [​IMG]
  5. Well the wind definitely proved a very difficult challenge. I had a real struggle keeping the smoker above 200F, it was bouncing all over from 180-275F. I would see it going low and add some more fuel, it would shoot up and allow me to hold steady for awhile then plumet then back up. If a good gust came it would drop the temps by 50F easy in a flash. So after 6 hours on the smoke I decided to move it inside to the oven, as i was almost out of charcoal and wood chunks. I stuck the temp probe in for the first time right before it went in the oven and it was 146F. Has me wondering a little how long it took to get to 140, but am thinking since it was still intact(no injection, probe sticks etc) that it will probably be fine.

    Here it is after being in the the oven for an hour or so. Sorry for the quality of the photos they are taken using my phone.

  6. Just had a battle like this a couple weeks ago, i wrapped my smoker with a blanket and put some stuff around it to block the wind. Its hard and a pain but doable
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    How did it turn out?

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