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  1. Good Day to All,

    been on this project for a bit , due to family issues ended up passing all the shoulders on to a fellow smoker who had the time and now back and using new pork. this will be a 16-20 something smoke with the cooler temps. I have cherry dust in Todd's A'Mazing unit, hickory pellets, chips and lump in my Big Daddy alternating throughout the smoke we are at about the end, going to run them to 200-205 before pulling. pictures below (not the best) rain coming straight down then from the left or right.....welcome to Washington.


    the start of wire central....

    10 hrs in

    12 hrs in

    14-15 hrs in play. will update as this progresses. again sorry for the less than stellar pictures,,,,but with out pictures it did not happen even bad pictures [​IMG]

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    Feeding an army?! It all looks great. Can't wait for a money shot!
  3. it started at 45lbs of shoulder (boneless) then did a little selective trimming to remove what i call the slime layer in pork and leaving some fat to render thru the meat probably 2-4 lbs removed. I will weigh the finished product when done  (more for curiosity than anything) now getting to the back end it is time to start building my sauce for the meat and the finishing sauce for the sandwiches/tortillas.

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    I'll be watching this porkathon for sure!

  5. Porkapalooza is about to begin. this is for a good friend and his get together.  getting closer, will update with pics

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    I have therm envy,my wife would kill me if I had they many! I think the pics look great,it might be I only use an iPhone 4s:). Can't wait to see the end results nice work.
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    Thats a lot of pork at one time, running a restaurant? :)
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    Looks great...  Over 100 sandwiches right there...........
  9. it is for an event that might have 50+ people over 4 hrs I hope it is enough for this. still will weigh to see what the loss in weight is, gotta love patterns even if they are only average .

    thanks for all the posts,

  10. Here is the update so far, by midnight and 22hr smoke the internal temp on all five pieces was between 188 and 195. the smoker struggled to get to temp , stalling the meat at 185 to 191 (ten total probes plus two for top and bottom temps of smoker) I think accurate temp readings but could not get the smoker up above 230 due to weather. so now it is in the oven dishes covered in tin foil with the juices,,,,,,,wish it luck, may have to start over again first time I had a problem with the smoker not getting hot enough, usually the battle is the opposite....go figure. pictures before hitting the oven on at 205 to finish. on another note my neighbor was on his deck about 11:00 pm and jokingly asked how much longer he needed to keep his house closed up because it smelled so good I broke off a piece of the bark and got an 8 out of 10 for flavor, why an 8? seems he thought that was all he was getting [​IMG][​IMG]  little does he know my wife invited them over for an official tasting tonight. still have to make my sauces. will keep updating this debacle. one pan of two pieces did not make the photo shoot, I think the bark is there and with what poking I have done the ring is there for the ones that expect a smoke ring. seasoning is yellow mustard and plenty of Jeff's rub with my few tweaks for preference to it, THANKS Jeff!

    any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated,


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