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Discussion in 'Pork' started by cappy, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. So I have smoked probably about 15-20 butts in the last year and have done them all at a temp of 225, smoking until an IT of 165, foiling, then continuing until the IT hits around 200.  They have all turned out great.  

    I was watching Man vs. Food and they were at a BBQ joint in Syracuse called Dinosaur BBQ.  They keep their smoker at a constant 185 degrees.  The chef discussed that they smoke at such a low temp to help the fat render through and keep the meat tender and juicy so it doesn't toughen up.  

    Would there really be an advantage to smoking at that low temp instead of the ever popular 225 degrees?
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    The lower temp is fine as long as the Meat is intact Muscle...No Injecting, No Temp Probe for 1-2 Hours, No punching Garlic Gloves into the meat...225*F gets most meats up a safe temp in around 4 hours...So yeah 185*F works but requires safer handling practices...JJ
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    cappy, if you ever want to try Dino.  there is one right up the street here in rochester.  good Q, but I like to cook my own.
  4. tyotrain

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    I think cooking temp is more of a personal choice. I cook my butts at 275F I have cooked many at lower temps but seem to get my best results at 275F

    Have fun and Happy smoking
  5. I have actually gone to the Rochester one once a little over a year ago.  I thought it was fantastic.  Then I started making my own and suddenly the 1hr drive didn't seem quite as necessary!!
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    You have to do like Tyo did and experiment with different temps & find what YOU like.
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    I wonder what IT they remove the meat off the smoker so they can pull it?   I guess if you leave on the heat long enough any temp will work for pulling.
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    A little closer to you is the Center Street Smoke House in Batavia.  they got real good Q there and the owner is also a great guy.  I have also had good meals at Kentucky Gregs Hickory pit in Depew..  It's good to have places with good food for when you don't have the time or in our case the weather and you have the craving.    Speaking of weather, looks a little nasty for the begining of the week.
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    I have in the past been in such a rush that I took a butt off early 185°ish and it was still too tough to pull so I sliced it. Well if sliced is what your after then do it. Pulling on the other hand you need that other 15°-20° to help softenthe meat up. Now I have eaten in the Dinosour BBQ but it was the one inNew York City and it was pretty bad if I most say so. the pork was dry and chicken tasted like chalk and brisket was like eating cardboard. Now I was really excited to go there to (I saw it on Daniel Boulud show) and dragged my cousin who lives in the city and never really had good Q till I started to bring my smoker with me to the beach house she has in Jesery. Now if you want some good Q in the city then got Fette Sau in Brooklyn or Hill Country in Manhatten the best beef n spare rib in the country. Better then mine really I said that. So enjoy and let that pork go 

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