Pulled Pork Slow Cooker and Smoker Combo

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    Hello everyone

    I normally post in the UK Smokers Forum but thought I'd share a recent post after I'd been experimenting with Slow Cookers ( think you call them "Crock Pots") and Smoking to reduce  down the time needed to supervise your cooking and cut fuel costs. One of our forum menbers has tried it with success too.

    Here's a few pix of what I did

    Bit of onion and water in bottom of cooker

    Rubbed and ready - left overnight and timer set to come on at 6am

    After 3 hours transfer into smoker for 3 hours ( yes I know it's a weird smoker !) with English Oak picked up from a meadow 200 yards from my house after autumn storms ....

    Around 130 - 150 F

    Nice bark after 3 hours

    ......Back into slow cooker for around 5 to 6 hours giving this - nice smoke ring

    Pulled and ready - added a little jus from cooker

    ready to eat with coleslaw and bbq sauce...

    Handy thing about this as during the Crock Pot process you've got little or no chance of the meat drying out and you can safely leave it and go off and do something else - we went out for the afternoon returning home to lovely Pulled Pork...

    Hope this is of interest and look forward to any comments from my smokin' friends across the pond...

  2. Interesting, might be worth a try especially during the cold winter months. 

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