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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokeindaville, Jan 15, 2016.

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    Hey all,

    Wife said to me this morning, "want to smoke some pork tomorrow for dinner?" I'm always up for smoking but haven't done pulled pork yet. I've done a couple of briskets. Is it a similar process? I'm thinking I will need to pick up a butt on the way home and let it smoke overnight. Kiddos have some things going on Saturday night so I need it to be done earlier.

    Anybody care to share their recipe and method? I do need to stay away from sugar since wife can't have any.


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    Butts are pretty easy to smoke. Very forgiving. Make sure you get a bone in butt. Trim excess fat & crosshatch what's left. Coat with mustard & your favorite rub. Smoke at 225 until IT is 205. You can foil it at 165-170 to get it done faster, but that will soften the bark. I like to smoke them in a pan on the bottom grate with the trimmed off fat on a grate above so it drips on the butt all night. Save the pan juices to add to the PP when you pull it. A vinegar based finishing sauce is also recommended. SoFlaQ'uers is the one many of us use. Good luck & let us know how it turns out, with pics of course.

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    This is a subject that's been covered in countless threads in the past.  The link below is to a thread that covers the how-to's of pulled pork better than most.


    Hope it helps, and  good luck with the first butt smoke.  

    BTW, don't forget the search feature at the top of the page.  You can type any search subject there (just type "pulled pork" and go) and get all the existing threads and posts on that subject.  Any time you post a question that's been been covered so many times before, you may get fewer responses than you might hope for.

  4. Good advice from Al, another way to tell when it's done is; if you can wiggle the blade bone and it feels loose, it's done

    I smoke a lot of butts, really hard to mess up,  Lots of rub recipes out there, pick a profile you like, if it has sugar just omit it.

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    Here is a picture of one of my pork butts. There were 2 in the pack so I smoked both. Took about 18 hours and my AMNPS didn't burn through the night but it was still delicious.


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