Pulled pork- Pull it now, or reheat, then pull?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by usmcaircrew, Dec 21, 2013.

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  1. I apologize if this has already been addressed, a quick Google search of the forum came up empty, so here goes:

    I'm serving pulled pork on Monday, 400 miles away from my smoker, so I smoked it last night, and here is the dilemma:  Do I pull it now, and reheat it later, or do I leave the butts intact, and rehat, then pull in Michigan?  I've frozen and re-heated pulled pork with good sucess in the past, but it tends to be a little dryer than when served immediately.   I'm sure someone on here has some experience, so I'm looking for input.


    2 x 9 lb bone in pork butts,  smoked w/ Hickory and a little apple at 220  for 16 hours to an I.T. of 200 degrees, They are currently (@ 1:10 p.m. C.T.)  in their rest period for at least another 45 minutes.  The last 4 hours of the cook was done in a double wrap of foil, and I didn't unwrap after I took them off the heat, just put another 2 wraps of foil around them.  I'm thinking that if I keep all the juices sealed in the foil, along with all the fat that didn't cook out, it might add more moisture when I re-heat in an oven (at 250?)  I spritzed with Apple juice and Captain Morgan Spiced rum during the smoke, and they were coated in mustard, and dry rubbed 12 hours prior to smoking.    Let me know if you need any other info.

    P.S. I've been using SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce since the second time I ever cooked pulled pork, plan to use it when I do pull these babys.
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    Given how they are wrapped, I'd reheat and pull on site as long as you are sure that you'll have time to bring the butts up to temp and pull them.

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