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Discussion in 'Pork' started by cody0707, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. This isn't the first Boston Butt I will be cooking but I want to get a little more guidance before I tackle this next one. So a few questions:

    1. The 3 types of pellets I have for my MES with an AMNPS are Apple, Cherry, and Hickory. Should I use 1 of these, 2, or mix all 3 together?

    2. I will be using Jeff's rub. Should I rub it down the night before and just let it sit in the fridge until cook time or wait until just before it goes in the smoker?

    3. After I pull the butt off the smoker and let it rest in foil how do I collect the au jus?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. tom02

    tom02 Fire Starter

    I usually rub and inject mine the night before wrap in saran wrap and rest in fridge. After on smoker when internal temp hits 165 or desired bark I wrap and put back on till 195 200.. You will have all the au jus u want inside the foil.
  3. crazymoon

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    Cody, Try the apple !
  4. tom02

    tom02 Fire Starter

    Cody I Also use Apple and cherry.
  5. bmaddox

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    How "smokey" do you want it? Hickory will give you the most traditional smoke flavor but either of the fruit woods will give you a nice flavor.

    I almost always rub the night before but I have done it right before and don't notice a difference. Rubbing the night before does make prep easier on the morning of the smoke which is a plus. 

    If you want the drippings you will need to either wrap it around 165 or place a foil pan under it to catch them. If you only wrap once you pull it off the smoker you wont have enough drippings to work with. Once you have the drippings you will need to get rid of the fat. I use a fat seperator but if you don't have one you can place the drippings in the fridge till the fat congeals and then spoon it out. 

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