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Discussion in 'Pork' started by menk45, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Here's the scoop.

    In a couple of weeks, we are going on a family vacation with the inlaws, about 10 of us total, staying in two cabins.  Leaving around 1:00pm Friday afternoon...a 3 hour drive to the cabins.

    I have been asked to smoke a couple pork shoulders for pulled pork sandwiches Saturday night. 

    Here's my plan, with a couple of questions.  Feel free to offer advice. FWIW, I have a Brinkman upright smoker.

    Already placed an order with my butcher for 2 5lb shoulders.  I know this is more than we will need, but who doesn't like leftovers?

    Wednesday night: pick up meat and store in fridge


    6:00am: Pull from fridge, cover with rub, wrap in plastic, put back in fridge

    9:00pm: Pull from fridge and sit on counter, get the smoker ready

    10:00pm: Put meat in smoker

    I’ll get up a few times in the night to check temps and mop

    Friday morning:

    10:00 or whenever meat reaches 180-190 degrees, take the meat out of the smoker, double wrap in foil, wrap in a towel, and place in cooler.

    Friday afternoon: driving to cabins, hopefully I’ll remember to pack the cooler.

    3:00pm at the cabin, unwrap meat and start pulling into a 9x13 disposable aluminum pan, let cool, wrap in plastic and stick in fridge

    Saturday afternoon:

    Get pan out of fridge, add some apple juice, cover with foil and warm it up in the oven.

    Saturday night

    Eat pulled pork sandwiches!

    Feel free to pick apart the plan.  It will be the first time the in-laws will have had any of my smoked meat and I want to exceed expectations… and keep my title of favorite son in law.

    If the oven is the best way to reheat the pork, what temp and how long do you think it will take

    Thanks in advance
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    Thanks Craig, although it was my first post, doesn't mean I haven't been lurking and using the handy dandy search tool at the top.

    I was hoping to get some input on the over all plan, that's why I didn't title my post "If the oven is the best way to reheat the pork"
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    Sounds like you have a good plan.

    I would give yourself plenty of smoke time just in case the butts go long.

    We'll be waiting on some pics [​IMG]
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    I smoke PP and freeze it all the time and its  wonderful reheated. Your plan sounds fine but you could smoke it any time you have spare time to do it and just freeze it until you need it next week. I just reheat my PP in boiling water. I vacuum seal mine and they bags hold up great in boiling water.
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    Sounds like you have it planned very well. Let us know how it works for you with Q-view of course.
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    Here is a finishing sauce you might want to try. I use this all the time.

    The Finishing Sauce I use is as follows:

    1 Cup Cider Vinegar
    2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
    1 Teaspoon Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning
    1 Teaspoon Course Black Pepper
    1 Teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes

    Warm the Vinegar up enough so that it disolves the Sugar well. Then add the remaining ingredients.

    I use it in one of those clear Ketchup bottles you can get from Wally World for about $0.99. Snip a little bit larger hole out of the spout with a pair of scissors. Once all your ingredients are mixed together, put your finger over the top, and shake vigorously.

    Randomly squirt this over warm freshly pulled Pork, then kind of mix it up with gloved hands. This adds very little heat (despite the Red Pepper) and mellows out the stronger, gamier parts of the Shoulder. The Vinegar also helps break it down even more for some REAL juiicy pork.

    Personally, I eat it just like that, but your guests can add whatever "Q sauce they prefer once it's on their plates or bun!

    If you've never done Pulled Pork with a "Finishing Sauce" before, you're in for a real treat!!!! It's the secret ingredient that alot of Quer's don't know about, and part of the reason people at my 'Q Parties say "they've never had Pulled Pork that tasted this good, before!".


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